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Saturday Catch-Up: The new Top 5

Thanks to our avid readers in the Agencia Change community, our blog has gone from strength to strength. We appreciate your readership, and want to reward you this Saturday Catch-up with our new Top 5 blog posts, rated in order of views. We're so pleased our blogs are hitting the right note with so many readers. We'd love to hear from you - so make sure you drop us a note in the comments or complete an evaluation form - the link is at the end of the article. Let us know what you'd like more of... or less of!

  1. Most popular blog article of all time (so far) was published on 30 April 2024. In Change Management Tools: We're Change Mates with Matae! we launched an innovative way for the Agencia Change community to follow along with our review of the new Change Workspace tool. I was excited to be invited to trial and review the Matae Change Workspace tool. And, although we're good mates, I brought you an objective review of Change Workspace over a number of weeks in the Agencia Change blog. Better yet, it's interactive, and you can still experience the features you're reading about hands-on. Read the article for more information.

  2. Next most popular blog article of all time was from 10 May 2024. Workplace Community and Wellbeing: Fostering a Healthy and Productive Environment. With technology and social interconnectivity being what they are, the concept of workplace wellbeing extends beyond physical health. It encompasses mental, emotional, and social aspects that significantly impact employees’ overall satisfaction, productivity, and sense of belonging. Workplace community is a concept that can enhance employee wellbeing sitting alongside practical strategies for creating a positive work environment.

  3. We have next Beyond the Tears and Triumphs there's a Sense of Achievement which was published March 12, 2024 and talked about the career of Change Management. If you haven't tasted tears and triumphs in equal measure in your career, you're probably not a Change Manager. For the uninitiated, change management might appear to be some fearful, unknowable process that's all about infographics, long meetings, talking about your feelings and PowerPoint. Change management might seem like a mechanical process, or perhaps a machiavellian one? But it isn’t just about templates, timelines and plans; it can be an adventure that leads to profound personal and organisational growth. Amidst the challenges and uncertainties, there lies a hidden gem: the sense of achievement that change management brings.

  4. Next in popularity was Understanding Organisational Change Management: Planned Change from 3 March 2024 with a bit of a description of what Planned Change is all about. Organisational change management has now become a fundamental concept in the majority of business practices, essential for organisations seeking to adapt, evolve, and grow through dynamic environments. At its core, change management involves the systematic planning, implementation, and monitoring of changes within an organisation to ensure successful outcomes and minimise disruptions. Let's take a closer look at exactly what we mean by managed change, with a focus on planned change, its significance, and key components.

  5. Finally, published on 27 February 2024, Three traits for Change Management Success was a slightly longer read. When Change Managers and Change Leaders work together to deliver successful change, the resulting partnership can be tremendously satisfying. Organisations can increase their likelihood of success and achieve sustainable results. Effective change implementations require careful planning and a commitment to creating the right kind of environment for the impacted audience to acknowledge, get ready and adapt to the new state of things.

That's a new list of favourites for your Saturday Catch-up: The new Top 5

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If you're enjoying our blogs, we'd love to hear some feedback. We're always looking to do better.

Please enjoy your Saturday catch-up.


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