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Agencia Grow Academy

Agencia Change members participate in our Academy.

The Academy provides online, self-paced, affordable training programs on topics of interest inspired by change management challenges. You don't have to be a Change Practitioner to get value from the Academy - you'll discover topics like creating your own personal plan to engage with Artificial Intelligence; and improving resilience through difficult circumstances.

Not a member yet? Simply join a program from this page, and we'll sign you up. You might want to check out the quality we offer by starting with our free course, How to Create a Change Plan.

If you've completed an online program, we'd love to hear how it went, click here to provide feedback.


Training Solutions to Support Business Change

Agencia Change is proud to offer our online programs to Transport for NSW Technology Academy. For large organisations going through change, train your teams cost-effectively and fast using our online courseware and learning platform. Or develop bespoke online courses to cater to your specific training needs.

CPD Group Approved Provider Badge

Agencia Change is an approved provider by the CPD Group

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