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Kerrie Smit

Founder and Change Director

Kerrie's ability to drive change through diagnostics, planning, execution, review and reinforcement of benefits showcases her results-oriented approach and underwrites her guidance through the entire change management lifecycle. People-focused and collaborative, Kerrie fosters a positive working and learning environment, encouraging active participation in change and knowledge sharing.

Graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Economics degree, and having over thirty years of practical experience across government and private industries, Kerrie possesses the expertise and real-world insights to empower successful management and leadership of change. Kerrie is a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and the Change Management Institute (CMI).

Her experience in change management, project management, agile methodologies, lean principles, and consulting equips her with a diverse skill set that can be shared with individuals, teams, organisations, leaders and students of change, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of change management processes.

Kerrie has lead change across IT delivery, cultural change, data transformation, finance transformation, capability uplift, regulatory and compliance change and more; in both complex government programs, semi-government, not for profit and highly competitive private organisations.

Kerrie Smit
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